nineQ Leaders Manifesto: Global Harmony through Personal Integrity


Our Mission is to mindfully lead a conscious movement of humanity out of fear, shame, and blame and into love, integrity, inclusion, and service. 

We call on you to stand in your power, embody the change you envision and positively impact our children, this world and this planet.

Now is the time to recognize that the chaos, the violence and the division around us is a reflection of the internal chaos, fear, and division within each of us. 

Now is the time to recognize that every time we blame, judge, attack and stand in righteous indignation of anyone’s actions we fuel the flames of the global fear, chaos, and violence that we claim to oppose. We inflict pain not only on those around us, but on ourselves.

Now is the time to stop pointing fingers, stand in our power and take responsibility for our contribution to the state of our existence. 

Every word and every action we take going forward has the power to change the world for the better.

Dr. Laura Ciel & William Poett                     August 17, 2017

nineQ Leaders Declaration

As a nineQ Leader, I choose love, integrity, and service in each moment in order to cultivate inner peace and become an active force for global harmony.

As a nineQ Leader, I will be gentle and forgiving of myself if/when I get pulled back into old patterns of fear, shame, and blame. I will embrace the essence of beginning again in this very moment, doing my best with the tools and training I currently possess.

As a nineQ Leader, I will hold loving kindness and practice forgiveness with those around me wherever they are on their journey. I will honor myself by doing the same for me. I recognize that it is my responsibility to stay in my integrity, not anyone else’s.  

I am a nineQ Leader.

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