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Cultural Assessment & Strategy

No matter what stage your business is in, we’re here to help you thrive as a leader (rather than burn out), boost engagement of your entire team and create a healthy, vibrant culture so that you attract the talent you want, deliver your products and services in your best way and keep your customers thrilled to be working with you.

Through in depth personal interviews, we zero in on the key areas for growth and work with you to create the most cost effective and powerful approach for your unique business.


Experiential Leadership Training & Certification

We believe that as the world continues becoming more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, it is essential that leaders and their teams train in skills and processes that help them thrive rather than merely survive.

We believe leadership training is more than simply learning concepts or attending a seminar. Through in person and/or virtual training, you and your team will integrate the training concepts into your daily activities. This means saved time and greater return. You start with the basics and progress as much as you desire.

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Facilitated Culture Upgrades

We’re here to help you create a vibrant, healthy and inclusive culture whether you are in good times or more challenging times.. Why? Because if you’re not focusing on culture, you’re losing people and money.

Using a combination of in person and virtual trainings, we work with you and your team on the habits and processes that will help you increase engagement, increase delivery successes, improve wellness, support diversity and inclusion and create an integrated, agile, resilient environment for your entire organization.

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Presentations & Workshops

We are passionate about what we do and the results that our clients have experienced over the years have proven the effectiveness of our tools and processes. For any organization that is curious about working with us and/or not ready to invest in our comprehensive training, we believe that an in person workshop is a positive first step.

These engagements can be tailored to accommodate multiple diverse audiences as well as your time and budget.

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Retreats & Off-Site Training

We know how busy leaders and their teams are so we can create an intense one to two day training for your leadership team in order to jumpstart the leadership training and executive team alignment. This is an excellent choice for many leadership teams and can be combined with other off-site training or retreats.

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nineQ Facilitator Training

For individuals who want to become nineQ facilitators, we offer more comprehensive training.Ideal for you if you already have some background in coaching or other corporate training and/or are an HR professional.


NineQ is the most simple, powerful and actionable leadership and cultural development training I have ever experienced and the results were seen not only at work, but in my personal life. By training in this model for the last three years and integrating it into our culture, we have taken Easy Lift’s revenues from a flat $1,500,000 to well over $3,000,000 and we are still growing!
— Ernesto Paredes, Executive Director of Easy Lift
There are very few if any, team-building and leadership coaches that can bring two $200 million banks together so quickly and in a way that is genuine and truly sustainable, not to mention enable us to see significant growth in share price and total assets in less time than expected.
— Joanne Funari, Executive Vice President, American Riviera Bank
Over the course of 35 years in business and law, I’ve never encountered a team better than William and Laura. They quickly helped us forge a unified vision for our organization’s future and, most importantly, get everyone to agree on specific, actionable plans to make that vision a reality. I can’t imagine any organization that would not benefit from their expertise and experience.